HVAC Service / Maintenance

Your best insurance against HVAC failure is equipment preventive maintenance. Preventive maintenance is essential for properly functioning air conditioning and heating elements. Regular maintenance prevents extensive and costly repairs at a later date.

Preventive maintenance will not only increase the usable life of your equipment, but it will also improve the seasonal efficiency. This will result in shorter run time and less energy consumption. Preventive maintenance will also improve indoor air quality and comfort.



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Our HVAC maintenance plans can provide customers with:


– Priority Service
– A controlled maintenance budget
– Minimizes emergencies
– Extended equipment life
– Optimum comfort conditions
– Reduced system downtime
– Lower expenses
– Energy Savings


Depending on which type of maintenance plan
you select, preventive maintenance inspections may include:

– Check performance of all major components
– Lubricate moving parts
– Check refrigerant charge
– Check for oil and refrigerant leaks
– Check operating and safety controls
– Check pressures and temperatures
– Inspect condensers, fans, motors and starters

– Tighten electrical connections at equipment
– Test motor amperages and voltages
– Check belts and drives
– Replace belts
– Change filters
– Thoroughly inspect and clean heat exchanger
– Clean condenser coil and evaporator coil

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