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Vendor Code #: VC6000185907
Vetted/Approved State and Department Contract Holder
SBPP Certified Small Business

Commonwealth of Massachusetts Contract Awards

Renaud HVAC & Controls is proud to announce that after many successful years as an approved vendor under OSD’s Statewide Contracts for Tradesperson: FAC29 and FAC70 we retain our legacy vendor status under Statewide Contract TRD01, Tradesperson for HVAC/Sheet Metal, which is readily available for all departments and Eligible Entities to use.

In addition to the Statewide Contract through OSD, each department contract listed below has been preauthorized for use by other as a Multi-Department Contract.*

Renaud HVAC & Controls remains a certified participant in the Commonwealth’s Small Business Practices Program (SBPP) and is available for both small procurements, those under $150,000, as well as larger procurements above $150,000. Renaud HVAC & Controls is DCAMM Certified and available to discuss your needs: large or small 24/7/365:

Accessing Renaud HVAC & Controls’ Tradesperson Contracts in COMMBUYSTM can be accomplished by entering “Renaud HVAC” within your COMMBUYS “Search by Vendor” or by using OSD Master Blanket Purchase Order (MBPO) shown below:


OSD (Operational Services Division): PO-17-1080-OSD03-SRC02-10365


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